Careers at Carrier LED

What we do

Carrier LED distributes replacement lighting products as well as residential, commercial, and industrial lighting fixtures nationally and internationally to more than 200 clients.

Who we are

Carrier LED is a privately owned lighting company in Florida. Carrier LED carries thousands of items from simple household bulbs to cutting-edge specialty lighting products. Raymon Chen, founder of Carrier LED, got his start in the lighting industry in 2011 when he responded to a newspaper ad for a straight commission lighting sales position. Based in Baldwin Park, California, he sold door-to-door throughout the Midwest until 2014 when he relocated to Orlando to work for a national lighting distributor. 7 years later, Ray invested a small amount of savings into starting the company that would become Carrier LED. The company's first office was in the back bedroom of Ray's home in Winter Park, Florida and consisted of two sawhorses and an old door for a desk. The Carrier LED web site was launched in November 2021.

Why we are growing

The business model of Carrier LED supports a commitment to providing outstanding customer service, low prices, safe and fast shipping, and quality product with variety.